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Amanda Gorman, Fundraising Expert

I see it often: Folks who are hit with a traumatic event and are left searching to raise money quick online in an effort to get back on their feet. Often it’s friends and families looking to support a loved one during a challenging time and they end up creating a Facebook fundraiser, a GoFundMe, or something similar. Unknowingly, these platforms are costly and logistical nightmares.

That’s where I come in: my 5+ years in the fundraising and nonprofit world has led me here. I’m a WordPress and fundraising expert and this website is intended to help folks get a a fundraising page up quickly, linked to their own bank account, and with no fees.

My intention is to be a resource for my community, where people can lean on my skills to move through difficult circumstances that are often inevitable in life. I feel uniquely positioned to be in this position and I trust we can all find connection and support together through this project.

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